The story about Bitcoin in Canada

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Bitcoin is a very hot topic these days. Many people in Canada are buying and selling Bitcoins because they believe that this digital currency is the future. Even though no one can tell for sure, most experts believe that so-called cryptocurrencies will continue to exist in the future too. At this moment, the price of Bitcoin in Canada is around $11000 (US dollars). There are some ups and downs, but the price is more than impressive.

If you are new to this, we would like to highlight a few facts about the story about Bitcoin in Canada. This is very important because Canada is a country that is friendly toward this cryptocurrency. Some statistics have shown that there are more than 150 Bitcoin ATMs and over 6000 Flexipin retailers. This means that you can easily turn Bitcoin to CAD and vice versa.

About 6 years ago, Royal Canadian Mint has introduced MintChip, the first Canadian cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, this project was abandoned after a while. One year later in 2013, a popular coffee house in the city of Vancouver has revealed a Bitcoin ATM. This was the first Bitcoin ATM in the world. In 2014, officials from the Canadian government had a meeting with Bitcoin representatives. The same goes for the Canadian Committee on Banking Trade, and Commerce.

The high value of Bitcoin has made many organizations and businesses in Canada to start accepting Bitcoin as a preferred method of payment. In other words, people have started buying and selling both products and services with this exceptional cryptocurrency. Most of these businesses and organizations are based in Vancouver and Toronto. While we are talking about history, it’s also good to mention that in 2014, many workers in Toronto have started taking salaries in Bitcoins instead of CAD.


In addition to the ATMs specialized in Bitcoin and Bitcoin retailers, Canadian citizens and residents are also buying Bitcoins over the Internet with the help of specially designed exchange platforms. One of the most popular exchangers of this kind is CoinSquare. In order to check the Bitcoin value buyers (and sellers) usually, rely on Bitcoin calculators even though you can check the latest trends in websites like CoinMarketCap too.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin in Canada is here to stay for a long time. There are some skeptics, but the fact is that despite the crashes, Bitcoin is still here.